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SARONG Spa was established in 1972 in Reggiolo (RE), Italy, and is a privately owned company.
SARONG is the market leader in thermoforming fill and seal for SINGLE SERVE PACK machines (FFS) and the relevant packaging materials.
SARONG R&D team focus on packaging innovation and customer requests. Owns more than 50 patents related to thermoforming machines and packaging technology.

To date, Sarong delivered more than 800 machines worldwide for pharmaceutical suppository and liquid unit doses. Sarong has been supplying FFS machines for unit dose packing in FOOD, PERSONAL CARE, & CHEMICAL, since 1999.
In 2004, Sarong introduced a new generation of horizontal thermoforming machines, for FOOD and GENERAL PACKING application. More than 250 machines for these applications have been delivered worldwide.

SARONG is ISO 9001 certified. Its in-house operation specializes in packaging material selections and converting packaging film with lamination, rotogravure printing and slitting operations for PVC, PET, PP and multi layers films, in a ISO Class 8 room.

In 2012, SARONG expanded its operation to Canada, establishing SARONG (NORTH AMERICA) INC., located in Mississauga (ON), that oversees local supply of after sales service and packaging material selection, validation and procurement.

In 2015, Sarong expanded and opened in China the fully owned company SARONG PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY HANGZHOU, Ltd providing semifinished packaging material, after sales service and spare parts, packaging material selection, validation and procurement.